Testosterone In Addition To Chemotherapy Can Improve Patients’ Quality of Life

Testosterone in addition to chemotherapy can improve patients’ quality of life, a new research shows. Cachexia is a condition characterized by loss of weight, fatigue, muscle atrophy, weakness and significant loss of appetite. It is seen in many people with cancer. Various studies have shown that nearly 50% of all patients with cancer experience cachexia, causing damage to […]


Aging Together With Obesity Affects Brain, Boosting Alzheimer’s Risk

Aging together with obesity affects brain, boosting Alzheimer’s risk, a new study found. The effects of natural aging processes, obesity, and a poor diet, all jointly prime the brain that causes the risk of Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive mental deterioration that destroys memory and other important mental functions.  The development of this condition […]


Canadian Lawmakers Legalize Marijuana For Medical And Recreational Purposes

Canadian lawmakers legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes nationwide. On Tuesday, Canada’s upper house of parliament approved as landmark legislation under Bill C-45, also known as the Cannabis Act to fully legalize marijuana. Following Uruguay, Canada has now become the second wealthy nation in the world to fully legalize cannabis. However, already nine states have […]


Dark Chocolate Added With Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lowers Cardiovascular Risk

Dark chocolate added with extra virgin olive oil lowers cardiovascular risk, a new research suggests. Dark chocolate enriched with olive oil is found to be associated with an improved cardiovascular risk profile. Dark chocolate added with extra virgin olive oil lowers cardiovascular risk, according to a new research. It states that both are associated with […]