Marijuana addiction is on the rise and it’s real. So many of the residents of this California city have consumed marijuana and now the legalization at the beginning of this year didn’t really change much, according to a report.

Public health officials say, the increasing forcefulness of genetically engineered plants and the use of concentrated products or drug use leading to rising marijuana addiction.

Medical experts say that public is unaware of marijuana’s existence. Some people even argue it doesn’t exist. Addiction to the drug is a “well-defined disorder” that includes physical withdrawal symptoms, psychological dependence, and cravings.

Medical experts also claim the slow and steady legalization of recreational marijuana to be one of the most causes of marijuana addiction.

David Smith, a physician who has spent a large portion of his career treating all forms of addiction said that he sees marijuana cases every single day in his clinic.

“We see it every day. The controversy should be why it appears to be affecting more people,” Smith said.

“Back in the day when kids were sitting around smoking a joint, the THC levels found in marijuana averaged from 2 to 4 percent,” Smith added. “That’s what most parents think is going on today. And that’s why society thinks marijuana is harmless.”

The federal government and the marijuana industry note a little increase in marijuana use in the past three years. Estimates of the number of people who use drug vary.


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