Don’t forget to remove your mascara before end of the day because it can injure your eye. A 50-year-old, Australian woman has been blinded after keeping her mascara for 25 years. Theresa Lynch used mascara almost every day but never properly removed it and cleaned her lashes afterward.

She met the ophthalmologist and complaint about a gritty sensation in both eyes.  The doctor found terrific hard calcified bumps of mascara inside her eyelids caused due to a problematic beauty routine.

She was suffering discharge, painful irritation, and swelling in her eyes so she was forced to look for medical help.

She admitted to falling into a bad habit of wearing a lot of makeup and more than 25 years of mascara use on her lashes with inadequate removal.

Lynch said, “It’s so important to properly take your makeup off every single night. You can’t miss a single day.”

A period of ten years of sleeping with mascara on had resulted to form black spots of mascara on the inside of the Lynch’s eyelids and turned into solidified concretions. Doctors surgically removed all the lumps from her eyes which took 90 minutes.

Black mascara is made of a mixture of waxes, oil and water with carbon black and iron oxides for the pigment. Don’t forget to remove your mascara and you should clean it off properly and change it every three months, according to the doctor.

“The symptoms are like somebody throwing a handful of sand in your eye, it’s constantly irritating,” ophthalmologist Dana Robaei said.

“This was an amazing case, I’d never seen anything like it. But this is a risk not many people are aware of,” Robaei added.


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