• In-Body GPS To Track Tumors And Deliver Drugs

    In-body GPS to track tumors and deliver drugs, a new research suggests. MIT researchers are working to make medical processes less expensive, invasive and time-consuming. On the basis of new research, they explain that an “in-body GPS” called ReMix can ease the future of medical processes. Led by Professor Dina Katabi at the Computer Science […]

  • Ongoing Opioid Epidemic: Key Contributor To Widespread Declines In Life Expectancy

    Ongoing opioid epidemic in the United States is the main cause of recent declines in life expectancy, a new study suggests. Another study claims that a wide range of conditions, all major racial groups, killed many people aged between 25-64 years in the US. The combined result of these two studies indicates an alarming need […]

  • Researchers Identify Key Brain Proteins Responsible For Epilepsy Development

    Researchers identify key brain proteins responsible for epilepsy development.  The new research “could potentially change textbooks” on epilepsy and call for new treatments, according to the investigators. An estimation by the World Health Organization (WHO) notes that 50 million people in the world have epilepsy. It is one of the most common neurological conditions in the world. […]

  • Pandemic Could Come Anytime, Killing 900 Million Lives

    Pandemic could come anytime, killing 900 million lives, scientist have warned. The spread of deadly flu-like virus pandemic could wipe out a massive chunk of the world’s population — nearly a billion people — if it started today. Researchers at John Hopkins University for Global Health Security in Baltimore, Maryland, created a simulation to find […]

  • Scientists Correlate Rising U.S. And Mexico Suicide Rates To Climate Change

    Scientists correlate rising U.S. and Mexico suicide rates to climate change’ increasing temperature. Researchers have linked warming temperatures with higher rates of suicides. A new study suggests Monday that if climate change continues uncontrolled, escalating temperatures could lead more suicides in U.S. and Mexico by 2050. This new study highlighting the link between warm weather and increased […]